Danielle Morgan


Introducing Danielle, a promising legal professional at Finns, Danielle graduated with a Bachelor of Law in 2023 and is currently completing her Practical Legal Training (PLT), with the expectation of finishing in September and hopes to be admitted to the Court in November this year.

Danielle has a keen interest in Family Law and is dedicated to making a positive impact in this area. She is currently working with Chris McDevitt and Mani Shishineh, covering a range of areas, including Family and Criminal Law. Danielle thoroughly enjoys the variety and challenges these fields present, further enriching her legal expertise and experience.

With her strong academic background and hands-on experience in diverse legal matters, Danielle is committed to providing exceptional support and achieving favorable outcomes for clients. Her passion for law and dedication to her professional growth make her a valuable asset to our team.
Danielle’s dynamic approach and commitment to excellence ensure that she delivers tailored and effective legal solutions. Whether navigating complex family law issues or assisting in criminal law cases, Danielle’s comprehensive understanding and proactive approach make her an invaluable member of Finns.

Danielle Morgan

Law Clerk

  • Ballina
  • Family Law
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