Land & Environment

Land and environment laws spell out the ground rules for protecting natural resources.

The range of environmental and land legislation in New South Wales (NSW) aims to protect the environment by encouraging recycling, reducing noise and air pollution, and preventing pollution of waterways and land.

Land & Environment

Regulations surrounding what can and cannot be done on land have never been more complex. Sometimes allegations will arise challenging the impact of your actions on the land you are working with, which may result in the matter being referred to the Land & Environment Court. The Land & Environment Court is a specialist jurisdiction that was created to deal with civil and criminal litigation around planning, development, and other environmental issues, together with government decisions and processes.

Access to a property, especially through property owned by someone else, is often an area where disputes arise. We have strong experience in obtaining easements through arbitration, or escalating matters to the Court where necessary.

Our expertise includes:

  • Development applications and approvals.
  • Prosecution for environmental offences.
  • Understanding and obtaining easements.
  • Appeals.

Our Land & Environment Team

John Graves

Accredited Specialist in Business Law and Property Law & Senior Consultant

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