Uncontested estate applications move online effective 1 August 2023

Uncontested estate applications move online effective 1 August 2023

In line with the NSW Governments Digital Strategy of making Court procedures more accessible, from 1 August 2023, uncontested estate applications move online.

The “Probate Service” will enable uncontested applications for the following types of matters to be filed online:

  • Grant of Probate.
  • Reseals.
  • Letters of Administration.
  • Letters of Administration with the Will annexed.

Other applications, such as complex matters or those involving contested litigation, at this point in time, continue to require paper applications.

The Probate Service is available via the NSW Online Registry for:

  • Legal Practitioners.
  • Self-represented litigants.
  • Authorised officers of government agencies.

There are several significant changes to practice and procedure as follows:

  • The Probate Service is a guided intuitive service in which the user inputs details about the matter into an online platform.
  • Documents in support, such as the death certificate and will, must be uploaded into the system with some of the original documents having to be filed with the Court at the Physical Registry.
  • Notice of Intended Application is incorporated into the application process.
  • An “Applicant Checklist” contains an outline of the information and documents that may be required for most applications and acts as a gateway for applications.

It is hoped the Probate Service will result in better access to legal services, more cost-effective legal solutions, and quicker application turnaround times.

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